Life at Leaning Cedar Ranch

Mr. T’s a Star

Meet Mr. T, our Rio Grande Wild tom, forever pardoned at Leaning Cedar Ranch.  Admittedly not much of a sacrifice for us as we are not very fond of turkey meat. A couple months after we got Mr. T, we noticed he had adopted a small flock of the Barred Rock hens (interestingly the hens…
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A Very Cold Start to Life One morning last February, we had a nasty ice storm.  Everything closed (it’s Texas), so I stayed home and ventured out to help my husband feed the animals and make sure they were all safe.   As I hurried past the open pole barn, protecting my face against the sleet…
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We have nine chickens, most of whom don’t have names.  Because you know… once you name it, you tend to develop an attachment.   But occasionally one shows its personality or does something to earn a name.  About a year ago we added a Leghorn to the flock, our only one and only all white chicken. …
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